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Over the last few months we have been trying very hard to continuously post BI Jobs on and we are very happy that many job seekers are making use of this portal. We are doing this voluntarily to help BI Professionals get access to BI Jobs directly and on the other side to help companies get access to the right BI Talent quicker. We are now inviting volunteers who are passionate about BI to join us to keep this going and to scale it up even more. We want to crowd-source the BI Job openings across the world and post it on one place ( ). We want every BI Professional and aspirant to benefit from

But why? why should I become a volunteer? what do I get? why should I waste my time?

We are well aware that these are the questions that most people would naturally have. And most of them would think that there is nothing in it for them. But let's assure you that it's not a waste of your time. It totally depends on how you look at it. We think "Some of us spend some of our time so that a lot of them can save a lot of their time".

We have tried to put together real general benefits of becoming a volunteer, but this list is not exhaustive. You may have your own reason why volunteering makes sense.

  • You will help someone (BI Professionals or aspirants) to find worldwide BI Jobs easily.
  • You will help companies find right BI talent quicker.
  • You will increase your BI vocabulary (tools, technology, roles etc) and knowledge in BI.
  • You will make good use of your spare time.
  • You will be credited for the jobs you have shared. We will include a label and filter to easily search jobs shared by volunteers. Who knows in which ways it may help you. One such example is given on the right side.
  • If you are aspiring to become a recruiter in the BI area or if you are already a recruiter this could be a good way to help BI Professionals find jobs and create your own brand.
  • You will gain knowledge about several companies, several locations, industries etc across the world which you wouldn't have otherwise probably explored.
  • By going through several job descriptions you will understand what different roles actually do in an organization in a BI Team. You will notice how different organizations have totally different descriptions for same role or same descriptions for different roles. 
  • You may even end-up finding a better job for yourself. 

Frequently asked questions

What should I do as a volunteer?

Search for Business Intelligence Job openings in companies that are based in your city, country or region or any other location that you are interested in. If you find a BI Job opening then pass on the Job link (URL) to or provide it via this form and we will take care of the rest.

Please note - To avoid duplicate entries you need to check if this job has been already posted on This is very simple to check. Just run a simple search on with the company name or tool or title and you should be able to quickly see if any jobs from that company has been already posted.

If I become a volunteer, does it mean that I have to continuously keep sharing jobs?

No. As a volunteer it is totally up to you, you can share a job whenever you have time. There is absolutely no obligation.

How do I search for BI Jobs?

Go to the official website of the company, look for BI Job openings. If there is an option to search based on keywords, you may use keywords like BI, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Data, ETL, DWH, Data Warehouse etc.

How do I know which Job is a BI Job?

Please refer BI Roles. In short, any job role that is involved in the process of deriving information and insight from data efficiently to improve business falls under the definition of Business Intelligence job roles.

What details should be passed on to

After you have ensured that the Job opening is not duplicate just provide us the URL of the Job opening. Nothing else. You just have to email the URL to

In the subject you may use this format - <Role>-<company>-<location>, example
BI Team Lead-PublicBI-Munich

How many job links can be sent in one email?

You may send 1 or more (no limit) number of BI job links in one email. We will create separate post for each job link. This is required to ensure that we can add any comments specific to the Job. 

Who can become a volunteer?

If you are able to read till here and understand, then you can surely become a volunteer. Basically anyone who can search websites and find BI jobs can become a volunteer.

What is the benefit of storing all BI Jobs in one place?

As the jobs are stored in one place it makes it very easy for BI Professionals and aspirants to search for BI Jobs worldwide. Without such a portal job seekers would have to search other general job portals. And those job portals charge a fee to post a job ad. So not all companies post their job ads on those job portals. Without, a job seeker would have to search hundreds of websites. Some of us spend some of our time to help a lot of them save a lot of their time. The other big benefit is that we can carry out trend analysis of BI jobs. For example see the Business Intelligence Jobs, skills and tools analysis report that was created. 

Will I get paid?

No. There is no payment. This is why it is called volunteer.
We don't charge companies to post their BI Job ads on It is a free service for both companies and for job seekers.

Will all of the jobs I share be posted?

No. We will check if it's fit to be posted on and only then post it on We want to ensure that only BI Jobs are posted on and we want to post only real jobs.

Can I share jobs from other job boards or portals?

No. Only jobs directly from company websites will be posted on

When should I provide BI Jobs?

As and when you find it. There is no fixed time period. Whenever you have interest to search jobs, you can search, find and share it.

Why is that I am not allowed to post the job directly on

We want to ensure that we validate the URL before it is posted. This brings in reliability, consistency etc. Technically it is very easy for us to open up the portal for everyone to post, however, that will lead to several duplicates, inconsistencies in labels, poor quality etc. So, we have decided not to allow anyone other than the admin team to post jobs on

Whom should I ask if I need some clarifications?

You may email your questions to and we should ideally answer your questions within 24 hours. During vacations, we will answer within 7 days.