How to post a Job Ad in
Just send an email with BI Job details to or provide the details via this form and one of our team member will post the Job on the portal.

How much does it cost to post a Job Ad in
Posting a Job Ad on is totally free of cost. No contracts, no registrations and no payments required.

How do I know which jobs qualify as Business Intelligence jobs?​
Please see BI Roles. In short, any job that deals in deriving information and insight from data (any data) to improve Business falls under Business Intelligence.

How can I get a Job Ad edited or deleted?
Simple again, just send an email to with the details and we will edit or delete the Job Ad.

Is exclusively for BI Jobs or can I also request to post other Job openings like java developer or mobile app software developer etc? is strictly for BI Jobs. Please do not request for posting non BI jobs. We will reject those requests.

What details should I send to get a Job Ad posted?
If you already have Job opening listed on your company website then you may just send the link to that Job opening. And in case you don't have job description on your website, then please send us

1. Job Role or Title
2. Location
3. Job description
4. How should the candidate apply for the job
5. Any other additional details like location preference ( locals only or permanent visa holders only etc) or language preference.

3 examples are given below

Example Post 1

Title : Microstrategy Developer required in Munich from October 2017

Detail: For details and to apply for this Job please directly refer Job Ad <provide job application link here>.

Example Post 2

Title : Microstrategy Developer required in Munich from October 2017

Detail: I am a recruiter (or recruitment consultant) and in search of a Microstrategy Developer for one of my clients, please connect with me on LinkedIn <profile link> for details. Note - Only candidates already in Germany will be considered for this position.

Example Post 3

Title : Microstrategy Developer required in Munich from October 2017


< Job Description>
Only locals preferred
Send CV and cover letter direclty to or apply online <provide link>

How can you support us in improving
There are multiple ways in which you could help us to improve the services provided by

1) Kindly inform your company HR, Recruitment Teams, and your connections/circle about and increase awareness.

2) If you notice that a Job is no longer available then please provide feedback via comment on the corresponding Job link post, we will promptly remove it from the list of Job links.


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